Generating Landlord Valuation Leads Just Got Easier!

Demand for rental properties is continuously rising, with 2 out of every 5 tenants say they plan to remain in a rented home rather than buy property, according to the Deposit Protection Service.

Landlord Valuation Leads Just Got Easier!

When the time comes for landlords to think about letting their property, a property valuation is an essential step in the process in getting things kick started.

By embracing Virtual Val, you can offer landlords an instant valuation without going elsewhere! let us show you how!

How does it work?

The first thing a potential landlord wants to know is how much they can let their property for, but most people are intimidated by estate agents and put it off until the last minute when they have decided on who to instruct.

But what if you could capture them before they decide on who to call out…

VirtualValIt all starts with Virtual Val.

The tool cleverly enables agents to generate leads from people ‘just browsing’ their site where normally they would simply leave the site never to be seen again, possibly to a competitor.

When landlords visit your website, by entering their name, address and contact details, our valuation tool will return an estimated value of their property as well as a maximum and minimum price.  In addition, the system returns some local information as well as a Google street view of their property.

We brand the Instant valuation tool with your company’s identity. Your company is instantly recognisable with your distinctive logo and consistent use of colours and fonts.

Here is where you come in…

Virtual Val then provides you with the customers details to contact and offer a more accurate letting price for their property.

As soon as you receive your “HOT LEAD”, it’s time to make contact and offer a more detailed market appraisal in person.

By offering a free online valuation tool, you can reach your audience at the very start of their letting process, giving you the opportunity to be the first agent through their door!