– Online Instant Valuation Tool


Gone are the days when being a local agent was enough to secure landlord and seller instructions.

With so much more, choice available these days from high street to hybrid agents, the task of getting valuation leads is becoming increasingly harder to achieve.

But what if you could capture landlords and sellers before they decide on who to call out…

It all starts with Virtual Val.

We can show you how you can get a significant increase in leads generated from your website, by offering instant valuations in exchange for personal details.

We provide an instant online estimated price range, determined by historical and current market activity.

As this is an average estimated price range – Here is where you come in…

Virtual Val provides you with the foot through the door to offer a more in depth and accurate asking price for their property!

We manage the process with the minimal amount of fuss and disruption to you.

Our developers take care of everything, so you can concentrate on reaching more sellers than ever before!

We brand the Instant valuation tool with your company’s identity. Your company is instantly recognisable with your distinctive logo and consistent use of colours and fonts.

By entering their name, address and contact details they will be presented with an instant valuation of the property.

Here is where you come in…

Virtual Val provides you with the customers details to contact and offer a more accurate asking price for their property.